Beautiful Bryce & Footprints

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I figured that it only made sense to check out Bryce Canyon on the way to Escalante. I had seen a few pictures of the place and I wasn’t all that excited but I thought I’d have a look anyway. When I got there however, I was completely blown away. It was about 8º when I got there about an hour before sunrise. Even in the pre dawn light, I was completed awed by the endless spires which have been carved by mother nature over untold years. As the sun climbed over the horizon and shone the first of it’s light down in the valley, I felt like I was witnessing something truly magical.

This is a HDR Panorama made up of 42 Exposures. Please click on the photo to view it in a lightbox.

Here’s another shot from the Coral Pink Sand Dunes in Southern Utah. I had the foresight when I was hiking to make sure that I didn’t disturb the sand in the areas where in which I would want to shoot. Shortly after the sun set behind the mountains, the last light of the day began to paint the sand a delicate shade of coral for which the dunes were named. I turned to look in the direction I came from and saw this. You can see both my footprints heading into the dunes as well as the ones returning in this shot. Click on the image to view it in the lightbox.

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