Toon Blast Tips – Winning Guide

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What do you expect from a Cell Match That has spanned $300 earnings and contains over 50 Million runs from Google Play Store?

Know Your Combos And Clear Your Degrees

Toon Blast game has some inclusion for Matching more than 05 similar colour block, which will be called Combos. Combos in Toon Blast are good to level quicker as those can clean a whole column or row, or comparable colour block forms the matching board. We invite you all to use combos to clear difficult levels.

  • Rocket: unite 05 similar colour block to find this particular combo, Rocket may clean a complete column or row, based upon the cubes you’ve used to create that combo. Continue reading go through this link toon blast hack.
  • Bomb: will clear 08 cubes that are surrounded around the bomb. The bomb can be reached by combining 07 cubes of comparable colour.
  • Disco Ball: Great way to clear similar colour cubes on your own mystery board, the disco ball is made with 09 cubes of similar colour.

Know Your Booster

There Are Lots of Booster in the Toon Blast Game which is an excellent level helper when you use them judicially. These boosters are free and are automatically credited into your account when you start clearing degrees. Toon Blast has four types of Booster that are given below…

  • Hammer
  • Boxing Glove
  • Anvil
  • Dice Boosters

You can also purchase Toon Chest and Star Chest to get this particular dispenser for Toon Blast using Toon Blast coins.

Know Difficult Game Obstructs

You may stumble upon by sports things such as Balloons, Ducks, and Bubbles at Toon Blast because you’ll enter higher degrees. We suggest that you clean the base row, to begin with, to clean these challenging levels. Utilize Combos to clear that a complete column or row; you can mix and match unique combos for more block apparent on the fitting board.

Get Assistance From Teammates

Toon Blast has yet another great feature understand as Team; you can make a brand new team or join the energetic staff to get aid on your game. Teammates are obviously good to assist when you need more life for your card game. All you have to do is to request “extra life” out of your Teammates, and your teammates may provide you with a free life.

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