Unknown facts and ideas about clash royale which are very amazing one

There are lots of entertainments in this world but most of them are attracted by videos games only. There is a type of people who plays this sort of games as their life time job and also doing this as their business. In this Clash Royale there are many concepts which are developing stage and some other are in developed stage.

clash royale

Current concept in Clash Royale:

In current stage of Clash Royale game, there are only individual player whom can defeat and destroy the opponent. In this game, the rewards are gold, gems, chest etc, which increase the points and level of the player. This gold are valuable for a certain period of time which is to be unlocked. The main theme is gaining the chest from the opponent and by with the help of winning the match. If you get a crown chest once a day, the other gold, gems are unusable. You can get a free chest for every 2 hours which you can unlock it immediately. Gems are the important one which helps you in both for purchase gold as well as chest in the shop. Gold is also an important one which helps you to upgrade your troops and also helps to purchase chest in the shop by selling gold. It also earns the unlock system. You can also purchase gold by selling the other points.

Future concept in Clash Royale:

In current game there is an individual play which is limited to pvp and friendly battle only. But in future concept i.e. Clan war there will be more excitement which increase the game users. In this game the leader and co-leader should be online to start the game and there can be maximum 20 members can play this game. All of them should be in online at the beginning of the game. The time duration will be short as compare to clash of clans. One player can select one deck but he can access to his other deck. There will be different sort of game but they are able to challenge their opponent but can’t write only challenges. The challenges will be visible to others who are the members of the 2 clans and they will cheer up them by outside. One can do only 2 battle in the war. If 2 are playing means they can get ideas of 4 members from the 4 opponent and he has to choose 2 opponents. For example, if there are 10 members but not everyone can challenge any one of the opponent. The challengers will suggest 4 members out of 10 opponents from that and they have to choose 2 members. There will be training in the computer in which you can lose but it is no cheating just a trial. Based on the points winner will be decided. Once you win the match then you get 3 points, it doesn’t a matter that 1 crown victory or 3 crown victory. Draw will give 1 point. The players in equal points in last stage then the total number of crowns will decided by another 1 minute match.

All these games are played in smart phone with the help of internet. The player can use clash royale hack very easily to get coins, cards, crown etc. This future game (Clans War) concept is very easy and creates a curiosity to play the game.…

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